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Arm Balance & Inversion

Join myself and Jessica Pyper in this fun and playful class that will challenge you mentally and physically. This is great for those who have a strong yoga practice and would like to deepen their practice. This class will include: arm balances, balancing poses, standing poses, core exercises, meditation, inversions and more.

Date: March 7th to April 18th Time: Monday 5:30-7pm

Location: 818 9th Street North/ Dojo,

Cost: $105+GST-

Who is this class for?:

Those who have a strong practice that wish to be challenged, know the basic poses and sun salutation.  Great as a cross training if you are very active and looking to build strength and flexibility to push your limits in other sports.

Benefits of arm balances and inversions:

  • Overcoming your fear; going upside can be sometime very scary, this is a great place to over come those fear!
  • Reverse the blood flow in the body and improve circulation
  • Improve your balance

There are many more benefits to this practice, we look forward to seeing you on the mat!!