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Giving Back

413400_10150682398395914_2037543226_oBack in 2010, I was at a seminar in California about finding your life purpose. After going through many different exercises and sharing with others, I came up with this life mission:

To empower young athletes to discover their higher self and to take control of their own destiny by living a loving and passionate life!

Then a few years later, I modified my mission to this statement:

Empowering young athletes to master and perform their sport by living a passionate life!

In 2011 I moved to a new real estate office and was told that I should remove this statement from my personal email signature. I was a bit sad about that idea since it was deep in my heart – I wanted to give back to youth. I did understand the reasoning, however, as I was a realtor and this statement could have confused my clients.

In 2012, I left real estate and all my volunteer positions to start fresh. I knew my life mission and my passion to give back to youth would come back, I had no idea how exactly I would accomplish that but I knew I wanted to have it back in my life. I was thinking about starting my own charity, or giving a percentage of my revenue to a charity that already exists, or maybe volunteering for one of them. These were simply ideas; I had no concrete plan at that time. I wanted to give back in a different way than I had before.

Fast forward to March 2014. I read a post in a Facebook group page about a women’s international cycling event – CycloFemme. I immediately knew I had to host one in my local area. I talked to Rebound Cycle in Canmore and they loved the idea of hosting the event; however they suggested that I ask money for the event so people would commit. I couldn’t imagine myself doing that since I simply wanted to get women together and have a real good time. Then they suggested that I give the money to an organization and I absolutely loved that idea… I had a little chat with my partner in crime at Shred-Sisters, Lynsey, and she automatically said Fast & Female, In my head I thought, “Oh my god that IS IT!”

Here we are, a few weeks away from the first Canmore CycloFemme event and all proceeds will go toward Fast & Female. I truly hope we will be able to make this a yearly event since this cause is really deep to my heart. I simply love the idea of seeing young women becoming empowered through sport and I believe Fast & Female are doing an amazing job at it. Instead of competing against, I am supporting the growth of this organization.

The wording of my life mission has changed slightly throughout the years. Really what I want to share is my passion for sport and life to youth. When I was I a teenager I didn’t have much self-esteem and it really held me back until I was able to believe in myself and my dreams. Then my life totally changed and allowed me to be where I am today, to fully live my passion each and every day and be able to share this with others.

If this post touches you please share or simply register to the cyclofemme event to encourage me to keep sharing my passion or simply donate to Fast & Female



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