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The first story I would like to share with you comes from when I stayed with my friend Amy, who has been a real inspiration to me since I met her. Before getting started, here is a little bit of information about her.  Amy purchased her first property at the age of 19 years old; at that point she knew that real estate would be a big part of her life. At the age of 21 she purchased another property. She did all her due diligence, got an inspection, but as she was about to take possession of the house, she discovered that the foundation was cracked which would make the house unlivable. She tried to get out of the deal but ended up having to take possession. Unfortunately, because the house was inhabitable she had to foreclose the property.

What amazes me is that it didn’t stop her from owning real estate. She figured out a creative way to purchase property and kept reaching for her goal, her dream of becoming a real estate investor.  Now at 28 years old, she is a full time realtor, a real estate investor full time and part of an investing company that will own 100 doors by the end of 2014.

As you might imagine, Amy’s challenges didn’t end with that first foreclosure. Last summer, we had the “great” flooding in Calgary and the condo that she purchased less than a year ago was flooded up to the ceiling. We would say that is real bad luck, or ask why would she want to keep doing that real estate thing? Well again, her answer mesmerized me. Instead of feeling depressed or acting like a victim she actually kept going, moved into her other house and decided to be grateful for what she still has; that this wouldn’t stop her in any way. I was astonished, and asked: “How can you possibly stay that positive when you lost almost everything?” Her reply: “At the end of the day it is only material. What you’ve learned, your skill will always stay with you….” What an inspiration, she is really someone to look up to!

Well that was a little fast track about her life and why she inspired me. As you can imagine it didn’t stop there. While I was homeless in November I had the pleasure to stay with Amy for few days, I felt lucky to be surrounded by her driven energy; it got me back onto my feet, to wanting more for myself. As we were relaxing one of the nights we were together, she told me another story that happened to her in real estate a month ago.

Remember that a few months prior to November we had the flooding. As she was telling me the story I kept wondering how she can keep her head up and not want to give up.  I could feel that inside she was hurting, because this time it was related to her family. How many times did you feel unloved by your family, or hurt by them? I personally did many times but hearing her story made me feel like a lucky person.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – obviously for privacy I will keep confidential what she told me – it was cruel. It showed me a different perspective of Amy’s reality. Again it shocks me that she could be so strong and driven, with so little support. As I was feeling empathy for her situation she said something like this to me: “Audrey, you know one of those great business people said: ‘Life throws you in a situation, and you have the choice to live as a victim or respond to the situation.’ I choose to respond, rather than be a victim.”

Wowww what a great quotation of how she lives her life. It definitely helps me understand her perspective and how she can keep her head up.

This made me reflect on how I take responsibility for my own actions; how do I want to apply this in my life? Where in my life can I take full accountability for my situation? How can I keep reaching forward and take action when I feel things aren’t going the way I would like them to?

As Amy and I kept talking about life situations, like the stress that I sometimes put on my shoulders, she told me, “When you’re in a situation where you feel very stressed, take a step back, and look at it. If you can do something about the situation then take action. If you can’t do anything about it, simply let it go and move on with your life since there is simply nothing to do about it. We don’t need more stress on our shoulders”

How can you apply these principles in your own life?

Where in your life can you let go of things that you don’t have control over?

Where can you take action?

I hope this inspired you as much as it did to me to keep reaching for your dream!

To my amazing friend Amy!


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