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P1070889Last week I had a goal coaching session with Melanie Marr from Lululemon. I was very excited about this moment since in the last two years my life has changed drastically. As many of you know I left real estate to work in my passion full time – follow this link to know more.

In the past two years, my life has been all about clarifying who I am, what I want to do with my career, how I can improve other peoples life, and what will get me sooo excited to get up in the morning and feel like nothing would stop me to achieve my goals. I had a rough idea but nothing was very clear. Since I was a small child, I always knew I wanted to own a business that would enhance people’s lives. Because of my old beliefs it was still unclear what my business would be and how I would make a difference. 

As Melanie & I were going thru the goal coaching process, I realized that the essentials of my vision were there, and I had a really great idea of what kind of life I want in the next 5 years. Looking further into the next 10 years was still somewhat vague. As I was going thru the process I felt a very strong need to share this with you, because in order for me to be able to achieve these goals I will need your help along the way to support and help me go after my dream. Here is what I wrote with Mel, envisioning my life 10 years from now:

I have created a worldwide company that empowers & connects women mountain bikers all over the world; this online community offers a way for women to connect thru events, workshops, retreats or online conversations. This community is for all women who are passionate about mountain biking. Because of the success of this community, I speak to youth-oriented sport organizations about going after your dream, either in sport to become an Olympian or simply having a career that is fulfilling.
Thru the last 10 years I have hosted 75 mountain bike and yoga retreats, and I have taught mountain biking to 1000 women. I personally coach women to build their own business based on their dream, I have ski coached athlete that are in the national team. I have organized retreat, festivals and promotional event for sport company that increase their visibility to the customer.
I have created a yoga program that increase the strength of skiers, mountain bikers. I have put together a yearly event that gather 1000 women in one day to mountain bike and do yoga.

As you can see I have a lot of work to do… for that I will need your help…if you are wondering how you can help me… here are a few ideas!

–       Share this blog post

–       Help me promote & join our mountain bike online community (currently only a group page on Facebook) Watch for my big launch at the end of March 2014

–       Promote or take my mountain bike and yoga retreats

–       Promote or take my mountain bike program for women

–       Maybe you know someone who is looking for a personal coach? If so, you can let them know about me and what I offer

–       Follow my journey on Facebook

–       Maybe you know a company that is looking for an event planner?

These are simple idea on how you can help me, if you have any other idea’s, I’m sure it is an amazing one 🙂 and will be happy to received your help in anyway.


Would you like to set up your own goals? Here are a few tips:

–       Identify your core values

–       Your vision and goals are likely to make you feel very excited and nervous when you are reading them.

–       Make sure you create your 10 year vision

–       Don’t do this alone; get friends together, share with them because I’m sure they will help you clarify and may have ideas about how you can achieve your dreams!

–       Goals can change even if it doesn’t feel clear; the process is what is important. The more you look at your goals, the more it will get clear


To know more about Lululemon goal setting follow this link, it will get you to their working sheet.

And along the way make sure you enjoy the journey!

Thank you very much in advance for your help and sharing this post

Have a wonderful holiday season!



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