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My journey as a Gipsy, enjoying the simple things in life!

photo-5Sometimes I wonder why I make drastic decision that just don’t  seem to make any sense, that almost nobody would expect from me; like leaving real estate to live in my car for 3 months or quitting CEGEP/college to move to Alberta to become a ski bum. Living in my car was probably one of the best experiences that I have had the chance to live, besides moving to Alberta.  Because I loved it so much I decided to keep living this way through the past fall. After I lost my best friend this summer I decided to leave my place and return to live in my car, living like a gipsy, going back to what really matters, back to simplicity: a bit of food, little spot to sleep in my car, clothing, gorgeous landscape and my bike. I had everything to fulfill my curiosity, my recipe for a great trip.

But, sometimes it brings challenges when it is cold outside or you need a shower and you definitely have no money to pay any rent.  I have had to learn to be very creative… That’s how I decided to join Couch Surfing during summer 2012, which made me realize how lucky I am to be able to connect so easily with people. To be able to have a warm bed, or a nice shower after a bike ride – it is priceless. J Again, back to enjoying the simple things in life!

This fall, since I couldn’t find a place to live in Banff for November, I went and visited different friends. What amazes me is how lucky I am to be able to stay with friends – including new friends, and “strangers”. The one thing that I admire from each of my hosts is their generosity to welcome me to their home, to let me into their little world, to bond with them. There aren’t many people that would welcome you as a stranger or a friend into their home, share food and disturb their daily routine to welcome you!

At the end of each stay, I really got to know how they live their life, what gets them up in the morning, what are their dreams, what they love to do, what their schedules are like, and that definitely deepened my relationship with each of them. Beyond deepening my relationship with them, I found each person was very inspiring; there was much I learned from each one. I asked questions about what success means to them, what they are striving for, what makes them happy, and simply observed how they live their day-to-day life.

In this new monthly blog post I hope to share with you what I have learned from the friends I stay with, how they inspire me and hopefully to inspire you. J

I am really excited to share this beautiful journey with you!



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