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Quieting the demon

As part of my yoga teacher training we have been ask to have a home practice. In the past while I was “trying” to practice my mind was going ON like crazy. I kept wondering when this would be done, making a to do list, thinking of what I will be doing next, the mind was just keep going on and on. As part of our assignment to have a home practice at least twice a week, so I personally commit to do my own sequencing, practice on yogagloand take a break from the yoga studio, to fully immerse myself into this journey. The goal to have a home practice is to deepen your understanding of your body, immerse yourself into the moment & do pose that your body needed.

The difference of my home practice this time, is that I commit to do it with a purpose, which I just mention above. I found an extreme benefit of been able to choose the time that I do my practice & allowing my mind & body to do it when it need the most.

As an example, few nights ago I was starting to feel frustrated about my life, where it was going, my mind was getting into dark thought. After allowing these emotion getting into my head, I remind myself about my yoga practice at that point I knew that it was probably the time to stop everything I was doing and set up into my mat. I start up my practice with a meditation to realign myself, shift the energy and set an intention to bring positive energy back into my life. My mind was starting to become quieter while I was meditation, then I started my asana practice and as I was doing so, positive thought was starting to reenter my mind. I was again getting excited about my life, I had idea of what to do next, ok yes my mind went off track into the future again, hey it was positive thought this time around! More and more I was getting into the practice, I felt the negative energy going away. The moment I went, into savasana I had a smile in my face and was feeling like I remove a backcountry pack off my back.

It amazing what an half an hour, 45 minutes or 90 minutes yoga practice can do to your mind & shift your energy to clear them from the demon. There is power into acknowledging when you have to stop what you are doing and set up into your mat or for some people it simply would be to go for a walk, don’t let these demon get into your head.

How can you benefit from having a yoga practice?

What are your challenge when you do an home practice?

If you already practice, what are the benefit you’ve found from having a home practice?

I look forward to heard back form you!


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