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Look Where You Want To Go…

While I was riding yesterday I was thinking about the concept of “look where you want to go” and how it applies in life. I found that this key phrase is the one which helps me the most when I mountain bike. When I teach mountain biking I’m always amazed at the difference it makes for my students when they actually look where they want to go. Everything seems so much easier for them.

IMG_5084When I find myself riding very challenging terrain or simply having to go over roots on the uphill, I always remind myself to look further ahead.  If I forget this simple but crucial concept the first thing I notice is that my wheel stops right at the roots, when I go uphill. Funnily enough, while I was thinking about this blog, I went down on a steep run and I was focusing on a large tree. The first thing that happened is that my front wheel stopped moving and I stopped right in front of that tree. I thought it was so funny that this happened while I was thinking about this blog post. It is so obvious to me now:  where you look is where you are going to go.

The same concept applies in life. Sometimes you get into a challenging situation and you can’t seem to pass over the roadblock.  I suggest that you remind yourself to “Look ahead.” This happened to me last winter, when I was having a very challenging time in my life. I tried to look at the big picture, remind myself that this time was there to serve me, help me to grow and learn something about life and “hopefully” be happier.  I did that by keeping my focus on the positive, writing down what I am grateful for and ways that I am successful – every day. A few months later, my life shifted. I stopped being depressed and found the light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to find again the true happy Audrey…

When you go thru times like this, remind yourself to look the big picture. Look ahead at your end goal rather than the obstacle because the more you focus on the obstacle the longer you are going to be stuck with it. Here are a few things you can do in your personal life to get where you want to go:

  • Have a journal beside your bed that you write down 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things that you had success with today!
  • Make a dream wall and write a story about your life that makes you happy and helps you see the bright side of life!
  • And without forgetting our topic, in mountain biking, when you see a challenging route and it seems like you are focusing on the obstacle, remind yourself right away to look ahead. You will be amazed at how easy everything will become. You will be able to go over routes you’ve never been able to do before!

Keep enjoying life and riding 🙂 because life is too much fun to look down.

P1070452                                        Picture of my trip in US/ Steamboats US


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