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Friday I took the day to read about self-growth, and renew my business vision and what I wish to manifest in the next 6 months. Here is what came up from my reflection day.

One element that has been extremely strong in the past months is the inspiration to complete my yoga teacher training. Being able to include yoga into my ski and mountain bike teaching feels very powerful. Plus yoga helps me so much to be grounded, stay without injury, relax and stretch my muscles, and go through challenging times. Yoga also allows me time to simply be and connect with myself; I want all my students to be able to experience what yoga has to offer.

Another element that keeps coming back is my desire to connect people and create community around the things that I love the most: yoga, mountain biking and skiing. For that vision I have decided to look for a key partner to help me grow and promote this community either by writing blog posts, sharing with friends, organizing and sharing events that already exist or even a company who wishes to help me financially to get the word out and get these communities growing.

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It has only been in the last year that I have decided that I wanted to work and empower other women in sport and life. I have been extremely lucky to be a driven business women and I would love to help others to make the step into this world by coaching driven women to think outside the box and realize their dreams. I’m looking in the near future to offer a coaching program for women who wish to succeed with their passion. Stay tuned!

In the meantime I’m teaching mountain biking to women which has been soooo much fun!!!!

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Overall I’m realizing how important it is to live my passion and share with the world. It been such an amazing journey to create products that feed my soul. I love to see my friends/clients enjoying what I have to offer and see them grow thru that!

My latest goal is to be able to work on/in my business full time by August/ September 2013.

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With love Audrey

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