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4 Steps To Ride Lines That You’ve Never Done Before!

What I love about mountain biking is that there is always a line that will scare you; always a new challenge, something to look for, and something that brings you back to the same trail over and over again!

In the last week I have been surprising myself by riding lines that I never been able to do before and doing trails that last year I would be scared of. This year I simply nail it! It has been quite incredible to get that adrenaline rush of doing something that used to be so scary.

How has this transformation happened? Read below and you will learn how to ride lines that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself doing before. I will share four tips that will help you to rip that line that you’ve always been afraid of – and show the guys that you can do it too!!!

So ladies, here you are on a new trail or an old one, and there is a line in a front of you that scares you. Instead of walking down, put your bike off to the side, walk down the trail, look carefully, and then pick a line. After choosing your line, walk it and visualize yourself on your bike – riding it! When you have the picture in your head and you feel good about your route, walk back up, sit on your bike, close your eyes, and visualize yourself riding it one more time. Then take a breath and go for it. Keep looking forward and remind yourself that you can do it!!!!

Remember there is no try; trying can have nasty consequences in biking. Just simply do it!!!! Because you can J So the four steps:

1-    Look at the line

2-    Walk the line

3-    Visualize the line in your head

4-    Do it!!!

As I learn to ride more difficult trails, and feel my growing competence as a mountain biker, I really want to share my knowledge with other women. One of the things that I love about teaching this sport is being able to share my passion and support women to do things that they wouldn’t have imagined before. I love seeing women stoked about what they have just accomplished, excited about being on a mountain bike.

I love setting up an environment where women support each other. It is a beautiful thing, and quite different from the perception of people that has often been categorized as a men’s sport. There is definitely something to say about having a group of women working together. That’s why I have been teaching women only in Canmore and with the Dirt Series.

Riding Microwave Drop, Montane traverse Canmore from AudreyDuval on Vimeo.


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