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From real estate to organizing retreats.

243438_10150271329016217_1391803_oFrom the chaotic life of being in real estate to starting a business organizing retreats, I couldn’t imagine creating a better life.  I remember when I moved to Alberta dreaming of owning a scandinave and even before that wanting to own a zootherapie business, but I always kept getting distracted by wanting to make money and be rich. I forgot about what I truly love which at that point was skiing and thought real estate would bring me success, money and happiness.

In February 2012 I started to practice yoga and it quickly became clear to me that I was in the right place. Yoga helped me redefine who Audrey truly is, that I should be living my passion and not only going for the money.

After 4 years of putting all my energy into selling real estate it was hard to announce to my clients and my lovely broker that I was leaving this business. However at that point I couldn’t imaging living my life doing something that I wasn’t truly in love with. I felt I could never be successful and happy in real estate since my heart was on my skiis, my bike and my yoga mat.


You may already know that the day I left real estate I went for a single road trip to the U.S.  At that point I knew that I wanted to host, own and put together retreats. I was “shopping” property P1050537while I was in Colorado, picturing where I would love to own a retreat centre. This road trip was probably the best thing I could have done to clarify and deepen my knowing of what I wanted todo career, business and life-wise. From volunteering with the Dirt Series, biking all over the U.S., B.C. and Alberta, going to yoga festivals and trying different studios everywhere I went, I knew what kind of life I wanted to create next.

Here I am a year after leaving real estate, the end of May 2013, and I am announcing my first retreat. This is definitely a blessing; I couldn’t imagine life being better.  So many beautiful things have happened in my life since May 2012. I look forward to sharing my dream with you.

I truly hope you can take part in my first retreat, so I can share my two summer passions with you.

If you have any questions about the retreat follow this link or call me!

P.S. Always follow your dream and your heart; life is so much better that way!!!

With love


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