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Welcome to my new site!

Audrey Mountain biking and YogaWelcome to my new website!

This site is all about the things I love the most: Yoga, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Community, Retreats, and Events. This blog is where I will be posting tips, information, and stories about these 6 key words!

The idea of this website came from a year away from paid work and returning to what I am passionate about. After being a realtor for almost 4 years, at the end of May 2012, I made the scary decision to leave the real estate business. I traveled for 6 months around the United States, B.C. and Alberta with my bike, skiis and yoga mat with the intention of clearing my mind and connecting with myself. I was hoping that I would get clarity for the next step for my career.

I remember last summer in August, sitting in a coffee shop in Hood River Oregon, just before a yoga class and the idea of this website began to emerge. I started to have a deep feeling that this is what I should be doing. At the same time I was a bit scared of launching another business. Six months passed by and the idea was still very strong in my heart, so this spring (May 2013) I decided it was time to commit and share what I love the most with you. I am hoping that it will be appreciated in the internet world.

I look forward to sharing my journey and my knowledge with you. I truly hope we will meet at some point and eventually work together.

Want to learn more? Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook if you are fan of these social media as much as I am!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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